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Name:Eikichi ≪The Great Michel≫ Mishina
Birthdate:Nov 15
Location:Sumaru City, Japan
Full name: Eikichi Mishina 三科栄吉 (みしな えいきち)
Nicknames: Michel, Death Boss, Undie Boss
Birthdate: November 15, 1982 (17 at the time of the game)
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio / Water Dog
Guardian Dragon: Luminous
Height/Weight: 185 cm (6'3") / 62 kg (136 lbs)
Bloodtype: O
Occupation: Junior at Kasugayama High School
Arcana: Death
Elemental Affinity: Water
Starting PERSONA: Rhadamanthus
Ultimate PERSONA: Hades
Weapons: Machinegun concealed in a guitar case
Appearance: Very tall and slim
Likes: Writing songs, singing, posing
Favorite Sports: None (he hates getting sweaty)
Favorite Subjects: Art
Family: Father (Kankichi Mishina, sushi chef at Gatten Sushi), Mother (she's plump like Eikichi once was)
Talents: Can tell when people are lying, portraiture
Favorite Foods: Melon, Salad (he's a vegetarian because meat would make him fat; he's on a perpetual diet)
Hated Foods: Sushi, fatty meat
Phobias: His father (just hearing his voice scares him), his mother (he's afraid he'll be fat like his mother), fish (hates the look of dead fish eyes, the smell...)
Dream: To have his "debut" as the lead singer of Gas Chamber and to become a rock star

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